Meet our Leadership Team

Dan Babcock

President, Managing Director

Dan Babcock is a founding member of CanACRE with over 12 years of industry experience developing large scale infrastructure and renewable energy projects in both Canada and the United States. Dan has led development and project teams across several industries from project conception to completion, including land acquisition, community engagement, project implementation, construction, and project close out. Dan’s expertise in project development has shaped CanACRE’s successful approach to engaging and collaborating with landowners, community groups, government officials, Indigenous Peoples, and technical experts.

Dan is recognized as an innovator in the land services industry. He continually analyzes the project challenges and needs of our clients to ensure that CanACRE’s services and business procedures are proactive, and exceed expectations. With Dan’s direction, CanACRE has successfully expanded to a team of over 120 employees in just 7 years, providing services in multiple industry sectors, across Canada and the United States, and most recently, in Europe. This growth is a direct result of CanACRE’s leading-edge services, that combine technology and project management principles with traditional land services, while engaging with project stakeholders in a fair and respectful manner.

Tim Rallis

Senior Vice President

Tim Rallis has established himself as a leader in Land Services in North America. Since joining CanACRE in 2010, Tim has successfully managed internal resources on multiple large-scale infrastructure projects, for conventional and renewable energy, and transportation developments within Canada and the United States. Tim is responsible for cultivating, maintaining, and developing our client relationships, as well as seeking out new opportunities for collaboration. Tim’s primary focus at CanACRE is to improve, expand, and challenge our existing service offerings, while ensuring CanACRE’s high level of service is delivered to clients on a day to day basis.

Tim’s background in planning, GIS, project management, and land acquisition affords him the ability to understand the land industry on both large-scale and detailed technical levels, which has been instrumental in CanACRE’s ability to flourish in the land services industry. CanACRE prioritizes project management both internally and for client projects, and Tim is responsible for implementing solutions that address and help to avoid project challenges. Tim has led the development of several of CanACRE’s service offerings and internal teams, and has overseen complex project implementations to ensure our systems work as efficiently as possible for our clients’ projects.

Kara Schwaebe

Senior Vice President, Projects

Kara Schwaebe joined CanACRE in 2017 and brings over 15 years of corporate in-house Project Management experience in land, environment, stakeholder engagement, and routing for large-scale power transmission and oil and gas projects. This includes high voltage transmission lines, substation developments, telecommunication tower installations, oil and gas terminals, pump stations, and large diameter pipeline projects. Kara has lead early stage business development planning, regulatory requirements, permitting, hearings, and project construction. Kara is primarily responsible for setting and maintaining CanACRE’s company wide project management standards across all projects.

Sean Taylor

Vice President, Land Services

Sean Taylor joined CanACRE in 2011, and has 12 years of experience of project management, negotiation, process engineering, and GIS analysis in relation to energy and infrastructure development and operations. Sean is responsible for maintaining and improving company operations, and managing the key processes used in the provision of land acquisition and project development services to a wide range of clients in Canada and the United States, including conventional and renewable energy, energy storage, and transmission and pipeline rights of way.

Joel Fulford

Vice President, Land Support Services

Joel Fulford is a founding member of CanACRE and has over 10 years of experience in project management and the design and development of GIS and data systems and processes, in both the private and public sectors. Joel leads our team in company development, R&D, project planning, budgeting, reporting systems, and technical writing. He also plays a key role in the development and growth of CanACRE’s service offering in industries including, renewable energy, pipeline, transportation and public works, and electrical transmission projects.

Larry Berto

Director, Land Services

Larry Berto comes to CanACRE with over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has managed the real estate requirements for multiple local government and electrical transmission projects, and has successfully negotiated with thousands of stakeholders for leases, easements, licenses, right of ways, full and partial takings, and option rights. Larry also has extensive experience in asset management, property appraisals, is a licensed real estate agent and broker, and holds an SR/WA designation through the IRWA.

Paul Roberts

Director, Land Services

Paul Roberts has over 35 years of experience in the private and public sectors in property negotiation and appraisal, in relation to multiple government infrastructure projects. Since joining CanACRE in 2013, Paul has been responsible for leading our government services, and managing the property requirements for a wide variety of public infrastructure projects. Projects to date include, roads (local and highway), water, sewer, and commuter transit (bus, subway, and LRT). Paul holds the SR/WA designation, and is a Past President of the IRWA – Chapter 29, the OAMREA, and the OEA, where he still currently serves as a Board member.

Rob Thomson

Director, Land Services

Before joining CanACRE in 2014, Rob Thomson enjoyed a 37 year career in large-scale electrical transmission and distribution. Rob has held both managerial and land agent roles within the real estate divisions of many high-profile transmission line projects. Rob’s expertise includes, managing and undertaking negotiations for transmission and distribution infrastructure, designing regulatory consultation processes, project operations and maintenance, and consultation with Indigenous groups. At CanACRE Rob is responsible for advising CanACRE’s clients on permitting activities, stakeholder consultation initiatives, and managing land acquisition and negotiation activities with landowners, and government agencies.

Adam Fulford

Director, Land Services

Adam Fulford’s responsibilities at CanACRE include project management, coordinating negotiations and consultations with landowners and land use authorities, as well as aiding clients in siting, designing, and permitting projects. Adam has a wide variety of acquisition, negotiation, consultation and management experience in industries including renewable energy generation, energy storage, public infrastructure, and telecommunication. In addition, Adam specializes in strategies for species at risk mitigation, complex telecommunications installations, and designing stakeholder consultation programs for CanACRE’s clientele.

Scott Oldewening

Chair of the Board of Directors

Scott Oldewening is a founding member of CanACRE and is a lawyer with experience in environmental, municipal, real estate and contract law. Scott developed his expertise in permitting and project development in the power generation industry through working with many well-established international energy developers. His knowledge, experience, and leadership have been instrumental in guiding the CanACRE team through various accounting, management, legal, and planning and permitting processes.

Deborah Howard


Deborah Howard has over 25 years of experience in senior project management positions in both corporate and crown agency real estate development. Deborah has worked with CanACRE since its inception to develop its risk management and document management services. Deborah holds a master’s degree in Project Management, is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute, and is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) with the Real Estate Institute of Canada.

Dan Wilson


Dan Wilson currently serves as President of SSP Offshore Inc. He has been advising CanACRE on all aspects of its business since the company’s inception. Dan’s background is as a corporate and securities lawyer with 20 years of experience advising clients on transactional issues and ongoing strategic initiatives, providing both legal structuring and business advice.

Since 2000, Dan has served as a corporate development consultant advising various public and private companies on transactional securities issues and corporate development issues, including acquisitions, divestitures, initial public offerings, growth-stage issues and follow-up financings. Dan has also served as a director and officer of a variety of public companies in Canada. He is called to the Bar in the Province of Alberta (active status) and the State of California (inactive status).


CanACRE employs over 120 industry professionals with varied and complimentary backgrounds, including ROW professionals, energy and infrastructure developers, GIS providers, engineering and construction firms, project managers, process engineers, software and database development, telecommunications, real estate sales and appraisal, environmental firms, and governmental agencies. The amalgamation of the diverse expertise of our team members allows us to offer our clients fully realized and value-added services. We are proud of the talented people who make up the CanACRE family.

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