Visual Simulations

CanACRE offers a full suite of in-house visual simulations for any type of development. Our team can prepare accurate and defensible visual simulations of any type of infrastructure in all types of geographic settings. Our Visual Simulation services include:

  • Photo Simulations
  • Visual Impact Studies
  • Infrastructure Simulations
  • Multi-stage Project Visualizations
  • Infrastructure Animation
  • Professional On-Site Photography
  • 3D Modeling of Proposed

  • Development/Infrastructure
  • Solar Energy Facilities
  • Wind Energy Facilities
  • Guyed, Monopole, Lattice, Tri-pole, & Wooden-pole
  • Radiocommunication Towers
  • High Voltage Transmission Towers and Power lines

  • Electrical Substation, Switching Station, and Dead-End Towers
  • Overpasses, Bridges, and Roads
  • Development Removal
  • Photo Manipulation/Editing Services
  • Planted Vegetation Growth
  • Vegetation Removal


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