Project Management

CanACRE’s Project Management team works directly with our clients to understand our client’s objectives, and ensure deliverables and milestones are achieved on time and in budget. CanACRE’s Project Managers proactively evaluate project deliverables and requirements in collaboration with our clients, while actively responding to unforeseen project challenges. Our Project Managers oversee our internal resourcing of expertise to ensure project success. Our Project Management Services include:

  • Coordinate Complex Project Deliverables
  • Client Point of Contact
  • Develop and Maintain Land Acquisition Strategies
  • Prepare and Track Budgets
  • Set and Track Project Milestones

  • Provide direction to Project team and Prioritize Deliverables
  • Manage Stakeholder Consultation
  • Provide Regulatory Support
  • Maintain, Track, and Manage and Issues Log
  • Coordinate Client Inputs

  • Maintain Project Schedule
  • Audit Invoices and Team Performance
  • Provide Regular Updates and Project Update
  • Provide Regular Status and Progress Deliverables


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