Web-based GIS – MapBASE was developed in-house by land professionals specifically for the management of complex infrastructure projects. It is a web-based Geographic Information System, that can assist in the management, communication and analysis of project and land information data. MapBASE is used internally and by our clients, where efficient day-to-day communication of project information is a vital part of achieving project milestones and resolving issues quickly as they arise. It gives our clients a distinct advantage in tracking the progress of negotiations and acquisitions by providing reporting that is always up to date. MapBASE features include:

  • Interactive project maps
  • Advanced search abilities

  • Real-time report generation
  • Document upload (e.g. agreements, mapping, title)

  • Data input forms
  • Customized access permissions

Project information and documents can be uploaded by Land Agents and all other authorized project team members. Project data can be easily transferred to and from MapBASE, and viewed with commonly used software. MapBASE is fully customizable and features an intuitive and easy to use interface. Information frequently hosted on MapBASE includes:

  • Consultation records
  • Contact information
  • Appraisals
  • Legal Agreements
  • Project and property mapping

  • Reference plans
  • Title documents
  • Easement sketches
  • Aerial imagery

  • Site photos
  • CAD drawings
  • Engineering and construction drawings
  • Project shapefiles
  • Construction permits

MapBASE Servers host relational databases whereby our clients and internal teams can track and update the following data sets:

  • Landowner Issues
  • Project Commitments
  • Stakeholder Consultations

  • Landowner Records of Contact
  • Landowner Payments
  • Property Management Obligations

  • Project Performance Metrics
  • Agreement Creation Priority List
  • Encroachment Tracking


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