CanACRE’s Permitting Team collaborates with our clients to provide support for specific permitting and regulatory requirements, and also works independently to coordinate and obtain agreements, permits and regulatory approvals. Our team is experienced in assisting clients in developing a basis for a dialogue with communities regarding an initiative or project at hand.

CanACRE works with our clients to identify permitting and regulatory requirements, project stakeholders, and potential risks. In addition, our land Permitting Team completes applications, prepares reports and documentation, negotiates agreements with various public, private and third-party agencies, and consults with permitting and regulatory bodies. Our Permitting services include:

  • Local Permitting and Land Acquisition
  • State/Provincial Permitting and Land Acquisition
  • Federal Permitting and Land Acquisition
  • Permitting and Regulatory Approval Support
  • Preparation of Permitting and Regulatory Reports and Documentation
  • Noise Receptor Identification

  • Negotiation and Consultation in Support of Permitting and Regulatory Approvals
  • Third-party Crossing Line List Creation
  • Third-party Crossing Management and Tracking
  • Third-party Crossing Negotiation and Acquisition
  • Project Approval and Permit Tracking
  • Infrastructure Co-location Support

  • Sub-consultant coordination:
    • • Legal Survey
    • • Environmental Studies and Monitoring
    • • Geotechnical Investigation
    • • Water Well Testing and Monitoring
    • • Appraisals
    • • Traffic Studies and Plans


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