CanACRE’s GIS consultant team provides a wide range of custom mapping, large-scale land analysis, as well as site and route selection. Our quality controlled custom mapping solutions are available in digital, hard copy and web-based formats. The CanACRE GIS has gained a reputation for our ability to efficiently produce sizable, complex, and accurate mapping deliverables that help our clients achieve their project milestones. Some of our services include:

  • Route Analysis
  • Route Planning
  • Legal Sketch and Exhibit Creation
  • Line List Analysis
  • Custom Mapping
  • Reference Mapping
  • Site Identification

  • Constraints Analysis
  • Land Use Studies
  • Key Landowner Identification
  • Sensitive Receptor Mapping
  • Field Support Maps
  • Land Acquisition Information Packages
  • Mapping Format Conversion
  • Pre-Feasibility Studies

  • Project Infrastructure Mapbooks
  • Infrastructure and Utilities Maps
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Environmental Features Mapping
  • Environmental Assessment Support
  • Map Digitization Services
  • Web-based GIS – MapBASE


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