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We work with clients to understand all pertinent details about the project scope, objectives, and strategies. This includes gaining an overview of the project, identifying when and where our services will be deployed, reviewing the project information available, key messaging, deliverables, timelines, and the greater objectives of our clients.

Main Objectives

  • Identify clients’ project goals & needs
  • Tailor our services to the defined project scope
  • Determine key stakeholders & core team expertise
  • Define approach, messaging & desired outcome
  • Define the approach & strategies with the client
  • Determine duration & financial estimates


Our project plan is customized for each client and project to maximize the effectiveness of our services. Before starting a new project we collaborate with our clients to define the detailed technical requirements of our deliverables, establish a reporting schedule and format, assign responsibilities, determine quality control checkpoints, and make adjustments to our project process in order to efficiently execute the project within the our clients’ defined parameters.

Main Objectives

  • Define project deliverables, resources, and responsibilities
  • Define project milestones & indicators for deliverables
  • Identify potential project risks & mitigation plans
  • Establish reporting requirements & schedule
  • Confirm projected schedule & deliverables

Project Execution

Our team closely monitors project progress, provides detailed project reports, and ensures overall project milestones are met. This includes monitoring negotiation progress on a daily basis, communicating key project information to stakeholders, actively mitigating risks and issues as they arise, analyzing and maintaining project databases, delivering reporting and mapping outputs, analyzing regulatory requirements, and identifying opportunities for efficiency wherever possible. Throughout implementation we communicate any findings about the community, geography, and data that are pertinent to the project’s success.

Main Objectives

  • Execute project plan
  • Complete project initiatives & milestones
  • Monitor & report project progress
  • Resolve & communicate project challenges


We deliver complete and fully documented projects that fulfill the requirements and objectives of our clients. Our team prepares and delivers all project data and archives, facilitates the transference of stakeholder relationships and contacts, and works with our clients to transfer project documentation and archives for reference in their own systems.

Main Objectives

  • Confirm & document the completion of all tasks
  • Deliver project archives
  • Transfer relationships & contacts to the client
  • Provide additional information, as required


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