Transportation and Public Works

The CanACRE team has a wide range of expertise that can help governments and public entities accomplish their mapping, data and land requirements. We work closely with your existing project, real estate, legal, and GIS departments, and can also provide this support independently. Our transportation and public works projects include:

  • Highway expansion
  • Regional roadway expansion
  • Highway interchange

  • Subway extension
  • Public transportation infrastructure

  • Light rail transit
  • Water, drainage, and sewer systems
  • Emergency services

We understand the unique nature of publicly funded projects, and our services incorporate the expertise of our negotiation, GIS, project management and permitting teams to ensure projects are developed responsibly, efficiently, and accurately. n addition to these services, CanACRE’s web-based GIS, MapBASE, is frequently used in public infrastructure projects. Find out more about MapBASE here.

  • Property negotiation and acquisition
  • GIS / mapping
  • MapBASE – web-based GIS
  • Digitization of hard copy data
  • Community consultation
  • Appraisal coordination
  • Land administration

  • Title services
  • Legal exhibit creation
  • Business valuation coordination
  • Survey and environmental study coordination
  • Property access coordination
  • Crossing identification and acquisition
  • Encroachment management
  • Database management

  • Data collection
  • Data cleaning
  • Data conversion
  • Visual simulations
  • Crop compensation
  • Damage settlements
  • Construction coordination
  • Operations and maintenance support


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