CanACRE offers permitting, site selection, land acquisition, consultation, and GIS services that are applicable in all stages of telecommunication tower, fiber optic, rooftop antenna, and small cell installations. Our team identifies high-quality sites within our client’s designated search area and establishes appropriate permitting processes through pre-consultation with local land use authorities.

CanACRE successfully negotiates telecommunications locations with all types of landlords, including private landowners, property management companies, and local governments. We diligently produce a documented record for each public consultation and attain all required permits with federal, provincial/state, and local authorities. At the end of this process CanACRE delivers fully permitted and ready to construct telecommunication sites to our clients.

  • Site identification & design
  • Land inventory studies
  • Land ownership & title review
  • Pre-consultation with local officials
  • Land acquisition

  • Coordination of pre-construction activities
  • Visual simulations
  • Public consultation
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Local permitting

  • Provincial/state permitting
  • Federal permitting
  • Construction coordination
  • Post-construction support
  • MapBASE – web-based GIS


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