Extend your abilities, capacity and presence

CanACRE’s service offering is derived from our in-depth understanding of large-scale development and encompasses many fields of expertise. Our team has considerable experience in both the hard and soft skills needed to bring a project to completion. We work closely with our clients to customize our services in order to meet the requirements of a wide range of sectors. This ability makes CanACRE an invaluable partner in project development.


In addition to negotiating agreements on behalf of our clients CanACRE’s field team is actively involved in many aspects of community consultation and project facilitation.

  • Land Acquisition
  • Community Consultation
  • Government Consultation

  • Public Meetings
  • Crop Compensation
  • Damage Settlements

  • Post-Construction Landowner Relations
  • Natural Habitat Protection
  • Project Coordination



Permitting & Title Services

The CanACRE team offers permitting support and land title review for new or existing projects across all sectors.

  • Planning & Permitting Support
  • Land Ownership & Title Review
  • Competition Studies

  • Site Validation & Review
  • Crossing Agreements
  • Local Permitting

  • State and County Permitting
  • Abstracting
  • Deed Plotting

Data Services

Our team is skilled in tracking and systemizing all types of data and can present it in the best format for our client’s needs.

  • Database Management
  • Web-Based Data Hosting
  • Data Collection

  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Conversion
  • Quality Assurance & Control

  • Field Support Data Preparation
  • Contact Information Collection
  • Mail Notifications



Geospatial Services

The CanACRE Geospatial team has experience in many applications and offers a wide array of GIS, mapping, analysis and planning.

  • Custom Mapping
  • Field Support Mapping
  • Location Analysis
  • Resource Identification
  • Land Inventory Studies

  • Site Identification
  • Environmental Assessment Support
  • Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • Constraints Analysis

  • Zoning Digitization
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Environmental Modeling
  • ROW Route Mapping

Web-Based GIS

CanACRE’s highly customizable Web-Based GIS tool, MapBASE, keeps project data up to date and available whenever and wherever you are.

  • Centralized Project Database
  • Data Version Control

  • Monitored Data Input Interface
  • Document Management

  • Real-Time Report Generation
  • Real-Time Map Generation



Visual Simulations

Our team can prepare accurate and defensible visual simulations of any type of infrastructure in all types of geographic settings.

  • 3-Dimensional Modeling
  • Infrastructure Animation

  • Video & Photo Simulations

  • Multi-Stage Project Visualization


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