Right of Way

The direct path to development

CanACRE’s experienced Field Specialists acquire easements through negotiations with private landowners, associations, and legal representatives. We are well versed in all aspects of Right of Way (ROW) development and can support our client’s consultation efforts by providing records of all our interactions with landowners, local governments and community stakeholder groups. Our GIS team has the capacity to create all required reference and support maps in hard copy, digital or web-based formats.

CanACRE’s additional ROW services include in-depth land use studies, community impact studies, environmental overviews and crossing agreements. With our substantial experience in ROW acquisition, planning and design we endeavour to best accommodate the planned infrastructure, attain the approval of governing bodies and the acceptance of host communities.

  • Land Acquisition
  • GIS / Mapping
  • Precision GPS Data Capture
  • Route Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • Route & Alternative Route Mapping
  • Land Ownership & Title Review

  • Visual Simulations
  • Constraints Analysis
  • Planning & Permitting Support
  • Conflicting Land Use Identification
  • Crossing Agreements
  • Data Collection & Management

  • Web-Based GIS
  • Community Consultation
  • Crop Compensation
  • Damage Settlements
  • Ongoing Landowner Relations


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