In the Community

Our philosophy at CanACRE revolves around fully understanding the industries we work in and helping our clients attain their goals of building and maintaining positive relationships with their host communities and local governments. In all of our field activities we act as a liaison between our clients and the community. We go to great efforts to achieve this cooperative communication by interacting with respect and transparency.

We work diligently to ensure that your questions are addressed appropriately, to provide project information, and to effectively communicate your concerns to our clients. This is an integral part of responsible development, which is one of CanACRE’s cornerstone principles and one that our clients take very seriously. All our interactions with community members hold significant importance and give our clients the insight they need to develop their projects in a responsible and respectful manner. It is only within this framework that our clients can take into consideration the unique perspectives of the people and features of the land where their projects are located.

All of our Field Specialists are trained in ethics, are excellent communicators and are well informed of all aspects of the projects we work on. We strive to support our landowners in making informed decisions that are best for their families and work closely with our clients to help them fully understand their host communities.